Ryan Seacrest – Get This – Gives Other People Jobs

Overemployed magnate shares the wealth

Apparently, there are a few jobs that Ryan Seacrest doesn't do.

The "American Idol" and "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" host, E! News managing editor and anchor, and head of Ryan Seacrest Productions is giving jobs to other people that he could, no doubt, just as easily perform single-handedly. RSP is responsible for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," its E! spin-offs, and "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution," among other shows.

Getty ImagesWho will do the jobs that Seacrest, improbably, does not?

First, there's Nina Wass, a producer of more than 500 episodes and twenty network pilots. As RSP's new executive vice president of scripted programming, she will help the company further expand into scripted television.

Heather Schuster, meanwhile, is RSP's new senior vice president of development. She joins the company from  Reveille/Shine, where she was SVP of creative affairs and an executive producer.

But wait. There are other jobs that Seacrest is not, as of this writing, doing himself.

One of them, RSP vice president of development, belongs to Joseph Ferraro, who was previously vice president of programming at OWN. Also, Gordon Cassidy, who has worked as a development consultant with Seacrest's company, is joining it full time as vice president of current programming.

Seacrest has also allowed three producers to make shows with RSP, rather than creating them himself with a mere snap of his fingers.

The company has signed an overall deal with Emmy-winner Eric Lange, an 18-year film and television veteran whose credits include "The Deadliest Catch." It has made another overall deal with Dan and Ben Newmark, who recently sold a comedy to TBS.

Finally, Noah Oppenheim has signed on as a consultant with RSP after working as a senior producer of "Today," a show that Seacrest does not single-handley write, anchor and produce. (Though he is a correspondent for it.)