‘Saturday Night Live': The Comic Book

The March comic book unfolds “37 years of comedy history in 24 pages”

Live, from Vancouver, it’s "COMICS: Saturday Night Live," a 24-page history of show in comic book form.

The comic book comes from Vancouver-based Bluewater Productions, which has also produced pop culture comic books on "Glee," the Three Stooges, Jon Stewart, Steve Jobs, Tina Fey, Gabrielle Giffords, Taylor Swift and "Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins.

The "SNL" issue, which will be released in March, covers the show's entire 37-year history, and is written by "lifelong 'SNL' fanatic" Chad Lambert.

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"Everyone on the planet has been a fan of this show at some point in their lives, and no matter what era you hold dear, the show keeps pushing forward," Lambert says in a statement at the Bluewater website.

"The real trick was writing 37 years of comedy history in 24 pages … Here's a guy ('SNL' creator Lorne Michaels) who created a formula for success that's lasted through five very different decades. You have to respect any amount of longevity in comedy, but this level of integrity is off the charts."