‘Simpsons': Happy Birthday, Fox! (But Not Fox News)

Show marks networks’ 25th anniversary with special message to corporate cousins

Last Updated: April 23, 2012 @ 8:10 AM

"The Simpsons" marked the 25th anniversary of the Fox network Sunday by looking back on its history — and continuing a recent tradition of knocking Fox News.

The show's first episode was aired again Sunday, but with a new title grab inserted (left). "Congratulations FOX on 25 years… We still love you."

It added: "This doesn't include Fox News."

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"The Simpsons" took two shots at Fox News in November 2010, first by featuring a Fox News helicopter with the slogan, "Not Racist, But #1 With Racists." The copter appeared in another episode with the new slogan, "Unsuitable for Viewers Under 75." 

Fox News Laughs Off 'Simpsons' Digs — But Not 'Family Guy's'

Fox News for the most part laughed off the digs, and "Simpsons" executive producer Al Jean said the show would stop mocking its corporate cousin — then quickly went back to doing it anyway. Fox News and Fox Entertainment, which broadcasts "The Simpsons," are both owned by News Corp.