‘SNL': Samuel L. Jackson Denies Live F-Word, But… (Video)

Actor says what sounds a lot like the word

Last Updated: December 16, 2012 @ 8:27 AM

"Saturday Night Live" guest Samuel L. Jackson said what sounded an awful lot like the F-word during a sketch on the show, but took to Twitter to deny it.

He did, however, acknowledge saying "bulls—."

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During the sketch "What Up With That," the "Django Unchained" actor was repeatedly cut off. (The joke of the sketch is that every guest is constantly interrupted so Kenan Thompson can perform the "What Up With That" theme song.)

Informed that "What Up With That" had run out of time, Jackson, mock outraged, shouted the potentially offending phrases.

Thompson ad-libbed: "Come on Sam… that costs money."

But Jackson took to Twitter to offer a clarification.

"I only said FUH not F&*K! K was sposed to cut off da BULL%^&T, blew it!!" he wrote.

It was a remarkably packed "SNL," featuring a slew of guests, a children's choir honoring the victims of the Connecticut shooting spree, and Paul McCartney playing with the surviving members of Nirvana.

Watch the video: