Stephen Colbert on Herman Cain: Maybe He’s Gay? (Video)

Colbert jokes Cain won't come on his show because Cain wouldn't be able to resist hitting on him

How does Stephen Colbert know that the sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain are false? Because a "not unattractive" woman says Cain never hit on her, so … there.

On Thursday night's "Colbert Report," the host cheekily pointed out the, ahem, logic, of Cain's Arizona campaign chair, Lori Klein, who said: "Herman Cain has never been anything but a gentleman, and I am not an unattractive woman."

Deduced Colbert: "There is no way Herman Cain could be a serial masher if he's spending time around Lori and not trying to dry hump her in an elevator."

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Check out the video clip below, and see how Colbert expands his theory into a new one: Cain may be gay, and the reason the presidential hopeful has canceled two appearances on "The Colbert Report" is because he just wouldn't be able to resist Colbert's handsomeness.

That argument should get Cain on the show for sure.