Survey: TV Boosting Same-Sex Marriage Support

More have changed their opinions positively than negatively because of TV, survey finds

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 1:14 PM

Good news, Cam and Mitchell: A new survey says support for same sex-marriage is getting a boost from television.

The survey by Ipsos MediaCT found that 18 percent of viewers 13-64 say that TV — including shows like "Modern Family," which positively portrays gay parents Cam and Mitchell — has changed their opinion of same-sex marriage in a positive way. Ten percent said TV affected their opinion negatively. 

The support comes as the Supreme Court weighs whether to find same-sex marriage constitutional.

About 44 percent of those surveyed say they support same-sex marriage and TV has not changed their opinion, and 28 percent have not changed their opposition.

“Based on this data, I think we can conclude that TV has, at least in part, moved the needle of public opinion to see same-sex marriage in a positive way,” says Ben Spergel, senior vice president and head of TV insights at Ipsos MediaCT.

Television's portrayal of same-sex relationships has been very positive in recent years, on shows ranging from HBO's "Six Feet Under" to NBC's "The New Normal" to ABC's "Modern Family," which is the second-highest rated comedy on television.

Images of those who are anti-gay, meanwhile, have been negative. As recently as Sunday, HBO's "Game of Thrones" portrayed pint-sized, bullying king Joffrey as a vicious homophobe.