Urine Drinker Stars in ‘My Strange Addiction’ Season Finale (Video)

Colorado woman also bathes in and brushes her teeth with her own urine in TLC's "My Strange Addiction"

"My Strange Addicition" has found one of the strangest for its third season finale. The TLC show features a woman Sunday who regularly ingests, bathes in and brushes her teeth with her own urine.

Still here? Okay. There are copious shots of the 53-year-old Colorado woman downing glasses of urine, as well as her descriptions of adding it to her bath water, using it to brush her teeth and using it to ahem, flush, her sinuses with a Neti pot.

Viewers will also see Carrie tell her friend Denise about her addiction — which she says started after a dream — as the two women sit sipping cups of coffee (or at least what we hope is coffee).

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"I drink almost all the urine that comes out of my body," Carrie tells her friend, before going on to describe how she also reabsorbs her urine into her body via her — steel yourself — eyeballs and saves her urine for a week or two and uses it as lotion.

One note: Though initially surprised, Denise ultimately decides the urine fixation is just more of the "strange stuff" Carrie has done during their friendship.

The big question for Carrie (well, one of them): What does it taste like?

"Sometimes it's salty, sometimes (it) tastes like plum champagne," she says.

Watch video previews below, if you so choose: