USA’s ‘Summer Camp’ Preview: Yoga Gets Twisted (Exclusive Video)

The usually Zen exercise only allows the players to plot even more on the reality series

Is it possible that a second chance at summer camp could be more emotional, more contentious and more embarrassing than the first time around?

USA's new reality series, "Summer Camp," would suggest it could.

The series assembles a group of adults across all high school cliques – the mean girls, the nerds, the jocks, etc. – and sees what happens when you pit the guys versus the girls, give them camp competitions on steroids and just let the social cards fall as they may. One competitor leaves every week.

See video: USA Is Sending Viewers to 'Summer Camp' in Sizzle Reel

On Thursday's new episode at 8/7c, contention has risen within the individual camps that can seriously undermine team morale. Even a relatively relaxed Yoga session becomes a chance to plot against each other.

Who will namaste and who will go?

Watch TheWrap's exclusive video from Thursday's "Summer Camp" below: