‘The Walking Dead': The Beginning of the End for Shane? (Video)

Shane loses control of his emotions, setting up an inevitable showdown with BFF/love rival Rick

("The Walking Dead" spoiler warning: Don't read if you still plan to watch last night's episode, titled "Triggerfinger.")

What's more dangerous than a ravenous zombie? As last night's "Triggerfinger" episode of "The Walking Dead" hinted, a lovesick cop obsessed with his best friend's wife.

Rick, Hershel and Glenn somehow managed to make it out of the bar, and Lori — with some assistance from the lovesick Shane — managed to make it back to the farm. But none of it happened without a lot of gore.

A stranger who was looking for Dave and Tony — the dudes Rick shot in last week's ep — was shot by Hershel, and a group of walkers descended on the hapless fella, gnawing on his face on one of the grossest scenes of Season 2.

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But just as Rick, Glenn and Hershel were ready to hightail it back to the farm, Rick happened upon another stranger who'd been abandoned by his friends and whose leg was impaled on a spiked-iron fence.

Rick and company saved the stranger and took him — blindfolded — back to the farm, which set off a huge disagreement among the Atlanta survivors about the danger of bringing another person into the mix.

Lori, meanwhile, finally told Rick that Shane is in love with her and thinks her baby is his.

"You killed the living to protect what's yours," Lori reminded Rick about killing Dave and Tony. "Shane thinks I'm his. He thinks the baby is his … and he says you can't protect us, that you're gonna get us killed.

"He's dangerous, Rick. And he won't stop."

Check out a preview of next week's episode, "18 Miles Out":