‘Walking Dead,’ ‘True Blood’ Stars Issue Rules of TV Spoilers (Video)

Spoiler alert: It's a funny video, also including stars from "Dexter," "Heroes," "The Wire"

Warning: This story about TV spoilers contains some TV spoilers.

At last, a finite set of rules to govern one of the great debates of our time: When is a juicy bit of TV information considered a spoiler?

TV stars from "Dexter," "The Walking Dead," "The Wire," "Heroes" and "True Blood" weigh in on the matter in a clever new CollegeHumor.com video.

The cheeky list of rules comes on the heels of some major TV spoilers in recent weeks, including the deaths of major characters Shane and Dale on "The Walking Dead" and the murder of James Denton's Mike on "Desperate Housewives."

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"Spoilers cease being spoilers two weeks after the standard episode, two months after the season finale and one year after the series finale," says Nelsan Ellis ("True Blood").

Adds "The Wire" star Andre Royo: "When recommending television, general enthusiasm is permitted … pointed enthusiasm, however, is strictly forbidden," such as commenting on that thing that Omar does at the end of the third season of "The Wire."

From Julie Benz, whose character's death is one of the biggest "Dexter" spoilers ever: "Spoilers spoken in pig latin, gibberish or French will still be considered spoilers … Mandarin is okay."

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And from "The Walking Dead" star Sarah Wayne Callies, who, like all members of that cast, is always one zombie away from becoming a spoiler: "During the 24 hours after a show airs — a.k.a. 'The Red Zone' — both up-to-date and behind viewers agree to be especially vigilant regarding spoilers."

"Heroes" alum Masi Oka and "Battlestar Galactica" star Michael Trucco also share their rules of TV spoilering, including one involving knife fights and rock-paper-scissors.