Lohans Eye ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ … But Who’s Courting Whom?

Trump approached the Lohan family to star next season– or did the Lohans pursue The Donald?

Donald Trump has his eye on the Lohan family … or is it the other way around?

According to patriarch Michael Lohan, he was approached by Trump's people about having himself or his daughter Lindsay on the next season of the NBC reality show "Celebrity Apprentice."

But executives at the Trump Organization, which co-produces the series along with NBC, said Lohan is the one who's been pursuing them.

Michael Lohan recently met with Lynne Patton, a director of talent acquisition for the Trump Organization, as well as Trump executive VP Michael Cohen, who is also The Donald's general counsel in New York.

"I was called up to talk to them about 'Celebrity Apprentice,' and there seems to be an issue — either they were going to use my daughter Lindsay, or me or they might take a different approach altogether," Lohan told TheWrap. He added that he wasn't sure if Lindsay had yet spoken personally with anyone from the Trump Organization.   

Cohen said he went out to lunch with Michael Lohan on Friday at the Trump Grill and that they "spoke about many things" including "the possibility of him being considered for 'The Apprentice." 

Though Cohen confirmed there were talks, he said Lohan is the one who approached the Trump Organization to set up the meeting. "As I expressed to Michael, I am not involved with 'The Apprentice' show, and the only thing that I could offer to him was to advise Mr. Trump of his interest," he said.  

Michael Lohan said he "doesn't know if Lindsay's in a position" to appear on "Celebrity Apprentice" due to her highly public recent legal troubles and substance abuse struggles. "My belief is that if she doesn't go into the rehab and get off the prescription drugs, then nothing is going to go the way it should for her," he said.

For his part, Lohan says he's not too concerned about landing a spot on "Celebrity Apprentice." "It would be a nice thing, but I have so many things going on in my own life," he said.

Lohan and his fiancee, Kate Major,  are currently shopping a reality show focused on their upcoming wedding. "We're already working on it; the deal is on the table right now," he said. Lohan also said he is working on a variety of other ventures, including a hedge fund, a company that sells fireproofing technology, a Hamptons nightclub and an energy company.