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‘Twin Peaks': Meet Jake Wardle, Whose Accent Nearly Stole Part 14

David Lynch reportedly sought out the actor for a role in his TV series’ reboot

Major spoilers ahead for “Twin Peaks: The Return” up to Part 14.

It’s hard to steal a scene in a “Twin Peaks” installment, especially after everything that happened in Part 14. But Freddie Sykes, played by newcomer Jake Wardle, somehow managed to do just that. And it’s partially thanks to YouTube.

Wardle has no other professional credits to his name. However, purveyors of viral YouTube videos may recognize him as Truseneye92, who achieved low-key online fame in 2010 when he showed off the English language in 24 accents. At the time of this writing, the video has over 27 million views.

Wardle never claims to be an expert on accents. He messes up quite a few times in the video. For instance, his “Italian-American” accent is more of a “Godfather” impersonation while he uses British phrases in his American standard accent. However, watching him jump from accent to accent, from England to Ireland to the United States, is impressive. Considering he made the video to, according to him, appease his friends, it’s a solid effort.

Wardle showed how much he improved in 2015 with the original video’s sequel, where he did 67 accents and voices. He also included a disclaimer with this one, highlighting his amateur status and how a lot of the voices he got from watching TV and movies.

Since his videos, Wardle has been working as a voice over artist. However, “Twin Peaks” is his first major role. And according to him, he got it because of his accents.

On his website, Wardle claims that David Lynch saw the accent videos — specifically the 2010 one — and got in touch with him about potential roles. Wardle said that he kept in touch with the director over Skype until 2014, when Lynch said he wanted to cast him in the “Twin Peaks” reboot.

In Wardle’s own words: “In 2014 Lynch announced to Jake that he wanted to cast him in the upcoming return of his hit 90s TV show ‘Twin Peaks’. This was to be Jake’s big acting break, and in September 2015 production of the show began. In March 2016, Jake flew out to Los Angeles to film his scenes.”

So yes, the accent is part of the point.

The actor’s talents are clearly on display in Part 14, where he, playing Freddie, tells James Hurley (James Marshall) the insane story about how he came upon a magic green gardening glove that, according to him, have him the power of a “pile driver.” The nearly 10-minute sequence recounts Freddie’s trip into the world of the Black Lodge and how he met the Giant, who we now know is called the “Fireman.”

The Fireman tells Freddie that he needed to go to a hardware store and find an opened box of gardening gloves and purchase them. After a tussle with the cashier and some severe injuries, he then remembers that he was told to go to Twin Peaks. Now he’s working as a security guard at the Great Northern Hotel and freaking Hurley out.

While he appeared briefly in Part 2 along with James, this is Freddie’s first speaking moment and it comes with a lore-heavy monologue. To deliver any kind of Lynchian dialogue is a challenge, but Wardle manages to do it with ease. He doesn’t over-exert at any point and keeps it conversational even while also divulging important information about the Fireman and what he may be up to. He even handles his magical glove like it’s just a part of him, which it technically is. Wardle is so matter-of-fact about his situation and that means he fits into the world of “Twin Peaks.”