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Victoria’s Secret Lashed By Twitter for Lack of Diversity in #WhatIsSexy Campaign

Twitter is calling the company’s #WhatIsSexy list the #WhiteIsSexy list

Victoria’s Secret is being criticized on Twitter for a lack of diversity among the winners of its #WhatIsSexy campaign.

The list is supposed to embody boldness, power and confidence, according to the campaign web page. The tally, which includes 22 women and one man (James Corden), covers superlatives like “sexiest social star,” “sexiest snapper” and “sexiest festival style,” among other super sexy categories. There’s even a “sexiest city” category, which went to Palm Springs, California — a city that is more than 78 percent white, by the way.

Winners include Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens and Mandy Moore, among other tall, thin and young women. The lingerie label has been under fire for a lack of diversity before in their annual fashion show.

Vogue’s March cover received similar online backlash for not casting a wide enough net when describing the “modern American woman.” That cover included more diverse models, but was criticized for posing models in a way to make them appear thinner.

It seems like the fashion industry has a long way to go before Twitter will be satisfied with racial and physical representation.

Below see some of the tweets: