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Charlie Sheen-Less ‘Two and a Half Men’ Premiere: What to Expect

Will Charlie Harper get killed off? What’s the deal with Ashton Kutcher’s hairy character? Read on …

A revamped "Two and a Half Men" returns to the airwaves on Sept. 19, following a tumultuous period earlier this year that saw the ousting of increasingly unstable star Charlie Sheen.

And while the brass behind the series have remained thoroughly tight-lipped about plot details, speculation about what turn the series will take has already reached a fever pitch.

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Here's what we know so far.

The premiere, which tapes on Friday at 7 p.m., will not feature Charlie Sheen. Instead, we'll get Ashton Kutcher. Some reports have had Kutcher playing Sheen's cousin. Others have Kutcher's character a prospective buyer of the late Charlie Harper's house.

We do know, though, that Kutcher's character will be hairy. Early promotional images depict Kutcher will shoulder-length locks and scraggly facial hair — a far cry from Harper's well-maintained coif.

While word has been rampant that Sheen's character  — hard-partying, womanizing jingle-writer Charlie Harper — will be killed off, even that is not official. But it's a safe bet that Sheen is pretty much dead to the hit CBS show, what with Sheen set to star in an upcoming small-screen adaptation of the 2003 Jack Nicholson film "Anger Management" in syndication.

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And Sheen could be even busier if his rumored participation in the next season of the British reality series "Celebrity Big Brother" actually flies. 

As for any possiblity of Sheen appearing in the season opener, don't hold your breath. The "Men" premiere will air on the same night as Comedy Central's roast of Sheen — and it's unlikely that the actor, who's been all about the self-promotion since being axed from the show — would compete against himself.

According to a report on Deadline.com, the two-part season premiere will reportedly open on Harper's funeral, with a full procession of Harper's sexual conquests on hand to send him off.