Tyra Banks Teases ‘FabLife’ Debates: Prepare for ‘Politics of Hair’ Instead of Current Events (Video)

The former Victoria’s Secret model is joined by lifestyle experts including Joe Zee and Chrissy Teigen

If you’re looking for another talk show featuring panelists arguing over Donald Trump, Tyra Banks‘ “FabLife” is not for you.

Instead, viewers can look forward to other issues being laid out on the table.

“We won’t be getting into arguments over politics and current events,” she told TheWrap. “We might be getting into debates about, like, the politics of hair. There’s a lot of politics over hair and race and this and that. That’s in the pillars of what we talk about.”

The uniqueness of the show was echoed by Banks’ co-hosts: fashion expert Joe Zee, interior decorator Lauren Makk and do-it-yourself YouTube star Leah Ashley.

“What you see and what you have previously seen on television in terms of what makeovers are, is not any of the way we’re going to tackle it,” said Zee. “What we’re going to do is go in there and do something different. So even for you to see a clip from the pilot, you can say, ‘Oh I haven’t seen that before.’ But us, already having done it, we’re already onto the next.”

“FabLife” premiered this past Monday and airs weekdays at 2pm.

Watch the video.