NCAA National Championship Game’s 21.2 Million Viewers Down From Last Year

Contest can’t top 2013’s strong viewership

Monday’s National Championship Game pulled in 21.2 million viewers, which was down from last year but topped the previous two season-ending contests.

The NCAA final, in which UConn beat Kentucky, earned a 12.4 household rating/20 share, according to CBS Sports.

The game peaked between 11:00 p.m. ET and 11:24 p.m. ET, with a 14.2/24 and 24.3 million viewers.

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In 2013, the National Championship had a 14/22 and 23.4 million viewers on average. While last night’s final couldn’t best those numbers, it did top 2012 and 2011 — each which contained one of Monday’s final two teams.

In 2012, last night’s loser Kentucky topped Kansas, handing CBS Sports a 12.3/19 and 20.9 million viewers.

In 2011, Monday’s champion University of Connecticut beat Butler, resulting in a 11.7/18 and 20.1 million viewers.

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Overall, the 2014 tournament averaged 10.5 million viewers — the second-most eyeballs since 2005.
Last year’s March Madness play averaged 10.7 million, the most in 19 years.