‘Under the Gunn’ Mentor Nick Verreos Faces a Mutiny (Exclusive Video)

After a rough first week of mentoring on Lifetime’s “Project Runway” spinoff, one of the designer’s team members rebels

“Under the Gunn” host Tim Gunn hasn’t been impressed with mentor Nick Verreos’ micromanaging style. Is it already too late for the mentor to change his ways?

The “Project Runway” spinoff goes into one of the franchise’s most popular (and tough) challenges — the unconventional materials challenge — on Thursday’s episode.

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In a tie-in with the upcoming movie “Vampire Academy,” actress Sarah Hyland meets up with the designers at night and dares them to find materials in the eerie fog and darkness. This is especially tough as the materials include blood capsules, bat wings, vampire fangs, and chains.

Fashion designer Trina Turk and “Vampire Academy” star Zoey Deutch will join the judges’ panel on Thursday.

And Verreos has the extra challenge of reeling himself in when it comes to mentoring his team. But, has he already lost their trust?

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In TheWrap’s exclusive preview above, Verreos takes a more measured approach to advising his former professional skateboarder-turned-designer Isabelle Donola (with Tim looking on). But, Donola doesn’t seem to hear or want to hear Verreos’ advice.

Watch the above preview.

“Under the Gunn” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.