Univision’s Jorge Ramos Comes Out Swinging: ‘It’s Not Donald Trump’s Country, This Is Our Country’

Ramos gets real with CNN’s Anderson Cooper after being shown the door at GOP frontrunner’s campaign presser


Two days after he was booted from a Donald Trump press conference by security for asking questions about immigration out of turn, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos defended himself on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

Asked if he was grandstanding when he got into a confrontation with the GOP presidential frontrunner, Ramos said absolutely not.

“I’m just a reporter asking questions,” Ramos explained. “But I also believe, Anderson, that you have to go the extra mile to be tough on those who are in power.”

Ramos said he specifically went to Iowa because Trump wouldn’t agree to an interview.

“What he’s saying about immigration is full of empty promises,” Ramos told Cooper. “He can’t deport 11 million people from the United States, he can’t build a 1,900 mile wall between Mexico and the U.S. and he can’t deny citizenship to children born in this country.”

The latest round in the Trump vs. Ramos war began Tuesday when the popular anchor of the Spanish-language network attempted to ask Trump a question, to which he responded, “You haven’t been called.” Trump then told Ramos, “Go back to Univision!”

Cooper asked Ramos what he thought Trump meant by that, to which Ramos answered, “the same kind of language that we hear from people who are against immigrants… I’m a U.S. citizen. This is not Donald Trump’s country, this is our country.”

After Ramos was kicked out of Trump’s press event, the business mogul told reporters Ramos was “out of order” but that he had no problem if the newscaster wanted to return.

The journalist was soon seen back in the room and began a heated on-camera exchange with Trump over immigration.

Ramos said Trump’s rhetoric is creating a dangerous environment.

“What many Americans say in their homes, with their friends, in their kitchens, now many of them feel that it is OK to say that to minorities, to Latinos and this is really creating a terrible backlash.”

Ramos also answered a question about whether it was true that his daughter works for the Clinton campaign.

“Does it affect your coverage of Trump?” Anderson asked.

“I can be tough on any candidate it doesn’t matter their party,” Ramos said. “It is true my daughter works for the Clinton campaign and disclosed that many many weeks ago,” he explained, adding, “she made that decision on her own and as a reporter I have a completely different profession.”

Watch the video below.