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USA’s ‘Summer Camp’ Preview: The Jig Is Up for One Double Agent (Exclusive Video)

The men's and women's teams are zeroing in on Chris on Monday's episode

The number of competitors is getting smaller on USA's reality series, "Summer Camp."

But the funny thing is, the relationships are getting tighter – even with a $250,000 prize looming for the craftiest camper.

On Monday's new episode, airing at 11:05/10:05c after "WWE Raw," the men are zeroing in on a traitor in their midst. Chris has been trying to throw competitions in order to give the women the upper hand, but it hasn't been working. The guys have still dominated the challenges.

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At the same time, the women are wondering if Chris is really trying to fulfill his promise to help them win, or if he's playing them.

Chris may have run out of time. In TheWrap's exclusive clip, the guys are on to him and may get the information they need to send Chris packing.

This week's color war will take place on the water, where one team's move may once again flip the eliminations. Is it possible Chris may get a reprieve?

Watch our exclusive preview below: