Gillian Flynn Talks ‘Utopia’ Season 2 Plans: ‘I Have an Entire Mythology Written Out’

Will Jessica Hyde stay alive?

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers through the Season 1 finale of “Utopia.”)

The eight-episode first season of Gillian Flynn’s “Utopia” launched Friday on Amazon Prime Video and if you’ve already finished it and are searching for information about its second season, you’ve come to the right place. However, we must tell you right away that while Flynn “always intended for there to be a Season 2” of her adaptation of Dennis Kelly’s British TV series of the same name, Amazon hasn’t renewed it just yet.

But the “Gone Girl” author tells TheWrap she’s “hopeful” that decision will come soon and allow her to give fans the backstories for Kevin Christie (John Cusack), Jessica Hyde’s (Sasha Lane) father, and the mysterious Home.

“I have an entire mythology written out of how everyone is connected,” Flynn says. “How Home came into being. How Christie came into being, and what his ultimate plan is and why. But there was a conscience decision for Season 1 to feel almost in real time, to have this propulsion and not loop back and explain too much… I’m hoping for a Season 2 where we can really get into more of that. But I really wanted Season 1 to be driven by the need to stay alive and the search to get these answers and just to move like a freight train.”

Flynn “debated quite a bit” about how many answers to give you in the finale, but “didn’t want Episode 8 to turn into just a pure ‘This is how I did it’ or ‘This is how I will do it’ kind of James Bond movie, explanation thing.”

“So it was this balance between telling enough that it’s satisfying and then hopefully for Season 2 to be able immediately kind of dig into the backstory a little bit more.”

As for the “Utopia” comic book itself — which was created by Jessica Hyde’s father, who we now know is alive, but definitely not well, at Home — Flynn says the way it came to be possessed by the man who worked at the mental hospital where Jessica Hyde’s father and Michael Stearns (Rainn Wilson) both spent time will also be explained more in a potential second season.

“We don’t get too much into the mechanics of that this season. There’s a lot more. We even filmed much more of an explanation and it really did just start feeling like so much exposition that really slowed everything down, especially for the final episode. Just like I didn’t want to slow things down with flashbacks, I didn’t want to slow things down with too much burden of information. You definitely get more information and more of a reasoning behind it for sure.”

“Utopia” Season 1 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.


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