‘Vagenda of Manocide’ URL Redirects to Hillary Clinton Campaign Site

Visiting the link will take you to a page where you can donate to Clinton’s campaign

vagenda of manocide gulf of maine

A Maine gun shop’s crude anti-Hillary Clinton sign made headlines Wednesday for its strange play on words intended to insult the Democratic nominee for president, but Clinton’s team may have had the last laugh.

“Beware the beast Hildabeast Clinton and its vagenda of manocide,” read the sign at Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing in an image that went viral on social media Wednesday morning.


In case it’s not clear, “vagenda” is a combination of “vagina” and “agenda,” and “manocide” is a strange attempt at describing the murder of men.

However, later on Wednesday someone used the phrase as a pro-Hillary joke by obtaining the URL vagendaofmanocide.com and having it direct to the donation page on HillaryClinton.com. Whether Clinton’s campaign staff or somebody else was responsible is not known, but the fact it directs users to the donation page would indicate it was at least a supporter of Clinton’s campaign.

The “vagenda of manocide” sign actually isn’t new — A Facebook user actually posted the image on Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing’s Facebook page in November 2014.

Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing seemingly has had a long tradition of posting such messages, as that same user made a photo gallery of twelve of them. Including another use of the word “vagenda.”

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