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Variety Hacked in Latest OurMine Assault on Big Media

The entertainment trade’s email falls prey to OurMine Security Group

“Hacked By #OurMine – Read The post!! [IMPORTANT]”

That message came over loud and clear — and repeatedly — for those on Variety’s e-mail list on Saturday.

“Hello Variety, it’s #OurMine, don’t worry we are just testing your security, please contact us on ourmine.org -> Contact to show you how…” it stopped mid-sentence, instructing to “watch a video” link for further instruction. That video has since been taken down.

Variety was quick to notify readers that it was aware of the hack and working to resolve the issue.

“You may have received one or more emails from Variety with the subject line #Ourmine,” Variety wrote in a follow-up email, avoiding the word “hack” altogether. “Variety did not send those emails; please ignore and delete them. We are working diligently to contain the matter and will update you when the issues have been resolved.”

OurMine is noted for hacking celebrity internet accounts to advertise their commercial services as security advisers.

This year alone, OurMineAmong has hacked the Twitter accounts of Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, “Pokemon Go” creator John Hanke, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose Pinterest was also hacked.

In a screengrab posted by Engadget in June, the hacking group tweeted from Zuckerberg’s account that they were able to find his password — which they claim was “dadada” — because of the LinkedIn data breach in 2012.