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‘Veronica Mars’ Spinoff ‘Play It Again, Dick’ Spoofs ‘The Newsroom’ in New Trailer (Video)

The self-described ”unauthorized“ spinoff series premieres on the CW Seed on Tuesday, Sept. 16

If it’s good enough for HBO, Ryan Hansen — the ficitional version, at least — clearly thinks it’s good enough for “Play It Again, Dick,” the self-described “unauthorized ‘Veronica Mars’ spinoff series.”

The latest trailer for the CW Seed web series takes a cue from marketing for the new season of HBO’s “The Newsroom,” with lines for every character from Wallace to Logan uttering such dramatic phrases as “this funeral is turning into a sausage fest” and “Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!”

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The premise of the show follows Hansen capitalizing on the success of the “Veronica Mars” movie to launch a spinoff series focused on his character, private detective Dick Casablanca, and roping in all his former co-stars, including Kristen Bell and Logan Echolls, to reprise their roles.

Bell initially had some reservations, but Hansen sold on the premise of the show and its going forward.

“Play It Again, Dick” premieres on CW Seed, The CW Network’s digital platform, on Sept 16.