Sean Hannity Crashes Neil Cavuto’s Live Show: ‘Do You Know He Doesn’t Answer My Emails?’ (Video)

“You don’t write me back. You don’t even say hello,” Hannity says

Fox Biz

Sean Hannity crashed Neil Cavuto’s vice presidential debate coverage on Fox Business Network Tuesday, jokingly scolding him for not answering his emails.

Cavuto, who recently missed a few months of work to recover from open-heart surgery, was interviewing Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway when Hannity hopped on the set.

“Do you know he doesn’t answer my emails? I write you, ‘I hope you’re feeling better. I miss you. I love you,’” Hannity said. “And you don’t write me back. You don’t even say hello.”

Conway responded, “This guy interrupts like Tim Kaine,” a line that Hannity seemed to enjoy. Cavuto tried to wrap it up when Hannity said Cavuto “works harder than anyone else on TV.”

Cavuto returned to air in early September after undergoing major heart surgery that sidelined him for the summer. He is extremely well liked by colleagues but recently told TheWrap that he heard from people on both sides of the aisle, calling illness “a great uniter.”

“I was getting emails from liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, the rich and the not-so-rich. We’re all joined at the hip in that human condition,” he said.

Apparently one of the aforementioned Republicans was Mr. Hannity.

Meanwhile, Conway appeared to be onto something with her joke, as the RNC has released a supercut of all 72 times that Kaine interrupted Mike Pence during the debate.