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VP Debate: Best Twitter Reactions

Albert Brooks, Rupert Murdoch and Patton Oswalt grade the vice presidential debate in real time

The fiery exchange between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan on Thursday's vice-presidential debate inspired a deluge of tweets from political mavens and Hollywood stars.

Getty ImagesTheir responses, often satirical, sometimes sober and thought-provoking, were almost as interesting as the debate itself: Who can think about Syria when Patton Oswalt is telling jokes?

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Here's a round-up of the best responses on Twitter.

Patton Oswalt (‏@pattonoswalt): "The old man across from me is made from abortions lashed together with Ani DiFranco's public hair." — Ryan's closing statement #debate

Rupert Murdoch (rupertmurdoch): Whatever he missed, Ryan's made great closing remarks, against Biden who had to look down and read second rate stuff.

Albert Brooks (‏@AlbertBrooks): Obama just called Biden and asked what coffee he uses.

Mark Ruffalo (‏@Mruff221): #biden Is sobering; makes Ryan seem like he's a child that just walked out of the closet wearing his Dad's suit.

Steve Martin (‏@SteveMartinToGo): WHY I DIDN'T WATCH THE DEBATE: I was having dinner.

Judd Apatow (‏@JuddApatow): I hate the real time focus charts on @CNN. Let us decide for ourselves how we feel. This isn't x factor. It is insulting to us. Lose it!

Nicholas Kristof ‏(@NickKristof): Often I'm embarrassed about American democracy. But this was our political system at its best. An illuminating exchange!

Alex Castellanos (@alexcast): Biden bought his boss another week. That's a lot. Ryan bought his boss a little vision and enthusiasm. #cnn2012 #cnndebate

Howard Kurtz (@HowardKurtz): The faceoff a clash of generational styles, Biden the sometimes exasperated lecturer, Ryan the serious-minded student