Vin Scully Gets a Sendoff From Bryan Cranston, Ken Jeong, Ken Burns (Exclusive Video)

On the eve of the iconic broadcaster’s retirement, notable Dodger fans tell TheWrap about their love for Vinny

When Vin Scully retires after the Los Angeles Dodgers’ final regular-season game on Oct. 2, the sports media world in L.A. will change forever.

Widely acclaimed as the greatest baseball announcer who ever lived, and quite possibly the greatest announcer in any sport, Scully has been the voice of the Dodgers for an astonishing 67 years, starting almost a decade before the team moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958.

Over the past couple of months of this final season, TheWrap has asked a variety of Dodger-fan actors and filmmakers to share their thoughts about Vinny. Bryan Cranston says he’s been listening to the iconic broadcaster since he was 1, Justin Hartley (“This Is It”) marvels how Scully can transcend baseball, and “Ballers” cast members Omar Miller and Troy Garity are baffled by his ability to both call the game and tell stories, without one interfering with the other.

In other comments, “Baseball” director Ken Burns calls Scully the best ever, “with the lightest touch,” while Ken Jeong remembers a Dodger fandom that began when he was growing up in North Carolina.

The Dodgers’ final homestand begins on Monday, including a number of Scully appreciation days and ending with a weekend, Sept. 23-25, devoted to honoring the broadcaster. He will call his final three games from San Francisco on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 and 2.

Watch the video above.