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Voted Out of the Office

In an upcoming Fox show, ”Someone’s Got to Go,“ employees decide which of their fellow workers gets the pink slip.

If “The Apprentice” seems a little out of touch – hiring untested reality-show players to run big new projects for Donald Trump – Fox has come up with one that’s perfectly in step with the times.

Its in-production “Someone’s Gotta Go” lets employees basically vote their fellow workers off the island. Or, to be more precise, back on the street.

Episodes will feature employees – not the bosses — at small businesses deciding who to lay off, along the way opening up the books to show everyone’s salaries.

Though there is no air date yet, the show is being developed by Fox, along with Endemol USA, the company behind "Big Brother," "Deal or No Deal" and "Fear Factor." Apparently, they had no trouble finding companies willing to participate. And Mike Darnell, chief of alternative programming at Fox, said everyone who participates in the show knows fully what they are doing.

"I feel that it’s part of the times that we are living in," Darnell told the AP. "It’s certainly no worse than watching the news every night and hearing all the statistics and watching what is happening. To be frank, like all these shows, if you don’t want to watch, you don’t have to."