Watch All 72 Times Tim Kaine Interrupted Mike Pence During VP Debate (Video)

Kaine interrupts early and often during the debate, resulting in a ton of cross talk

Last Updated: October 5, 2016 @ 6:44 AM

The GOP published a video that showcases all 72 times that Tim Kaine interrupted Mike Pence during Tuesday’s V.P. debate.

Kaine interrupted early and often, which cable news pundits frequently pointed out by during post-event coverage. Kaine’s strategy appeared to be to interrupt whenever Pence tried to make a point, often quoting Donald Trump in an attempt to use the GOP nominee’s rhetoric against him.

At one point, when it was actually Kaine’s turn to talk, he unleashed what Pence referred to as an “avalanche of insults” aimed at Trump.

“Donald Trump, during this campaign, has called Mexicans rapists and criminals. He’s called women slobs, pigs and disgusting,” Kaine said. “He attacked an Indiana-born Federal judge and said he was unqualified to hear a Federal lawsuit because his parents were Mexican. He went after John McCain, a POW, and said he wasn’t a hero because he had been captured.”

Kaine didn’t stop there.

“He [Trump] said African Americas are living in hell and he perpetrated this outrageous and bigoted lie that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen,” he continued.

When Pence tried to defend Trump, he was immediately interrupted by Kaine. Trump used the steady stream of interruptions to declare Pence the “big” winner.

Watch the video above.