Elizabeth Banks Has Best Night Ever, Unbelievably Bad Morning in ‘Walk of Shame’ Trailer (Video)

The actress plays a news anchor who gets stranded in downtown Los Angeles with no way to get to work in time to audition for a big promotion

Elizabeth Banks has never heard of borrowing a stranger’s phone for a moment in the first “Walk of Shame” trailer, because she just can’t figure out how to escape downtown Los Angeles after losing her wallet, car and cell phone.

The upcoming comedy stars Banks as a news anchor who needs to make it to her station across town by 5 p.m. after having a wild L.A. night and going home with a handsome stranger, played by James Marsden.

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Her journey begins in the early morning after waking up to her car getting towed outside of her one-night stand’s apartment, and takes her through the sketchiest parts of the city after cops confuse the television personality — whose face is plastered in full page ads in the newspaper — for a prostitute after she attempts hail a cab.

Over the course of her disastrous day, she befriends a group of criminals, gets pepper-sprayed by a bus driver, runs across a busy freeway, and steals a child’s bike after refusing to show him her boobs.

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At least she makes one good decision when the entire conflict probably could have been avoided with a simple Facebook status update.

But hey, just like found-footage horror movies stretch suspended disbelief to explain why the characters won’t stop filming their potentially deadly experiences, “Walk of Shame” probably has some explanation as to why this 21st century woman can’t just pick up a pay phone, or find a computer connected to the internet to contact her office.