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‘Walking Dead’ Alum David Morrissey Joins CBS’s ‘Extant’

Actor gets a promotion from Governor to general

The Governor may be gone, but the actor who plays him lives on, and has in fact landed a new gig.

David Morrissey, who played The Governor on AMC’s mega-hit zombie drama “The Walking Dead,” has booked a recurring role on the CBS drama “Extant,” which is preparing to return for a second season.

Morrissey will play General Tobias Shepherd, the head of the Global Security Commission. A celebrated general, charming, political, known and respected for making the tough calls of wartime, and standing by them — even when they are morally ambiguous.


Shepherd has a personal history with Molly Woods, a fact that complicates his work (and his life) in the face of a deadly new threat to humanity.

The series stars Halle Berry as female astronaut Molly Woods, who discovers that she has unwittingly put the human race on a path of destruction, but who may be the only hope for survival, along with a mysterious stranger.

Morrissey is joining fellow “Extant” newcomer Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who’ll play cop/bounty hunter JD Richter.

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