Warner Giving Out Free IMAX Blu-rays with 3D TVs and Players

Home video division is partnering with LG and Sony, will give out copies of “Under the Sea 3D,” “Space Station 3D,” and “Deep Sea 3D”

Sure home television screens are getting bigger, but they’re not that big yet. That’s not stopping Warner Brothers, though. The studio is hoping to use the yen for all things IMAX to induce customers to plunk down hundreds of dollars for 3D TVs and Blu-ray players

To that end, Warner Home Video is partnering with LG Electronics and Sony Electronics to offer new Blu-ray 3D versions of three IMAX hits “Under the Sea 3D,” “Space Station 3D” and “Deep Sea 3D,” the companies announced on Wednesday.

The movies will be made available with the purchase of select Blu-ray 3D players, 3D TVs and 3D projectors.

Consumers in the U.S. and Canada who purchase an LG BX580 or BX585 3D network Blu-ray disc player can get a copy of “Under the Sea 3D.” Consumers in parts of Europe, Asia, South America and Central America who purchase any LG Blu-ray 3D Player, Blu-ray 3D Home Theater, 3D Projector or 3D TV will be able to receive “Space Station 3D.”

Also beginning in July, consumers in North America and various territories in Europe, Asia, South America and Central America who purchase any Sony Blu-ray 3D player, 3D TV or set of 3D glasses will be eligible to receive “Deep Sea 3D.”

The catch is that customers only get their free disc if they mail in a coupon.