Watch Anna Kendrick Fall For a Killer in New ‘Mr. Right’ Trailer (Video)

Comedy also stars Sam Rockwell and Tim Roth

Anna Kendrick falls in love with a dangerous man in the new trailer for “Mr. Right,” starring Sam Rockwell and Tim Roth.

“Do I just suck? Am I just suck-ball McGee?” Kendrick’s Martha asks her friend about her love life at the beginning of the trailer — before she meets Francis (Rockwell), who turns out to be a hit man.

“You’re just a work in progress, babe!” her friend responds.

During their first date, Francis tells Martha that he was just outside, killing a man in the parking lot. Initially, she thinks he’s joking, but she later finds out that it was anything but a joke.

“You’re like, the greatest, and then you kill people,” she says to Francis, as she has to decide whether to stay or escape as the bodies pile up.

Directed by Paco Cabezas and written by Max Landis, “Mr. Right” will be in theaters and On Demand on April 8.

Watch the trailer above.