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Watch Quake Hit During News Conference About Dropped DSK Case (Video)

”Wow, God doesn’t seem too happy with this DSK decision,“ says every lover of obvious jokes

Earthquakes inevitably bring jokes about God casting judgment on something in the news. But the 5.9 quake that struck the East Coast on Tuesday may have been a little too on the nose for Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

It came just as the Manhattan District Attorneys Office held a news conference about prosecutors' decision to abandon the rape case against him.

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Quakes being rare in New York, the temblor brought more panic than it might have, say, in Los Angeles — where quakes are much more common, and famous people have to actually go to trial before they walk free.

The case was bad news for the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund in another way, too. If you were accused of rape and splashed all over the front pages of New York taboids, you'd probably want the case's dismissal to get as much attention as your arrest did. But DSK is unlikely to front Wednesday's New York Post or Daily News — not with so many quake puns to be made.

Watch the video, courtesy of Fox News: