Watch Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien Get Physical in ‘Notebook 2’ Parody (Video)

Break out the rain machine — the film star and the talk-show host are making up and making out

Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien: Not even a hard rain can cool their passion.

During Wednesday’s “Conan” on TBS, the “Deadpool” star swung by to promote a few (fake) projects, such as Reynolds Wrap condoms (made from Egyptian cotton), a documentary on “how to stop dolphins” and a book on how to lower your kid’s self-esteem. O’Brien told the crowd at New York’s Apollo Theater, where the show is taping this week, that those products sounded awful and he refused to help Reynolds plug them further.

That was all set-up to the main joke. Then Reynolds said he had a new film that Conan had costarred in. The host said he didn’t recall making such a film, until Reynolds helped jog his memory.

After the clip — which showed the pair coming to a meeting of minds (and other body parts) in a rainstorm — Reynolds noted that O’Brien seemed to have fallen deep into the character. Perhaps a little too deep. “How does my stomach taste?” he asked O’Brien.

The butt of the joke, of course, is the 2004 romantic weepie “The Notebook,” which starred Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as lovers buffeted by war and cruel fate.

“Conan” airs weeknights at 11 p.m. on TBS.