Past Webinars

Survival Guide to Digital Media and Start-Ups

with Sharon Waxman, Andrew Bachelor (aka King Bach), Maureen Polo (Fullscreen) and Greg Kampanis (Omnia Media)

Social media stars and entertainment executives came together to discuss the explosion of digital opportunities during the pandemic.

Survival Guide to Money and Hollywood

with Viviana Zarragoitia (Three Point Capital), Jeff Zaks (Opus Bank) and Adrian Ward (Banc of California)

Sharon Waxman hosted a conversation with film finance experts about the shifting business models and new monetization strategies in the wake of isolation.

Survival Guide for TV Pilot Season

with Tony Maglio, Sharon Waxman, Matt Mutchnick ("Will & Grace"), Katherine McNamara ("Arrow") and Carla Banks-Weddes ("Good Girls")

Top showrunners and television executives came together to discuss pilot season, production and navigating the new normal under COVID-19.

Survival Guide for Independent Producers

with Sharon Waxman, Jane Rosenthal ("The Irishman"), John Sloss ("Green Book"), and Tommy Oliver ("Black Love")

While Hollywood is bracing for more changes due to the coronavirus outbreak, some independent film producers say the pandemic is actually leading to more communication and creativity among Hollywood execs and creatives.