‘Weekend Update: Summer Edition’ – Kenan Thompson’s LaVar Ball Is ‘Black Trump’ (Video)

Blowhard’s Big Baller Brand sneakers will “keep your willy hard as glass,” among other boasts

Last Updated: August 11, 2017 @ 8:22 AM

LaVar Ball is mighty full of himself, which makes the caricature of a man a perfect character for “SNL’s” “Weekend Update.”

On Thursday’s “Summer Edition” of the fake news program (not to be confused with a “fake-news” program), the father of Lonzo Ball boasted about his impressive attributes and abilities.

“I am 8-feet-tall, I can jump 20-feet-high,” Kenan Thompson’s LaVar Ball told host Colin Jost. “I once jumped over a Super Target. This past Thanksgiving, I ate 100 turkeys.”

He then broke out the new $495 Big Baller Brand sneakers, which are apparently “made out of South-African rhinosocerous horn.”

“They help you run faster, jump higher, and keep your willy hard as glass,” Thompson said.

Per faux-LaVar Ball, the kicks will also hand his NBA rookie son the regular season MVP Award, Finals MVP, an ESPY, a Grammy, a Purple Heart, and even Best Truck in his class from J.D. Power and Associates. Those empty guarantees led Jost to dub LaVar Ball “Black Trump.”

Watch the video above.