‘Weekend Update: Summer Edition’ – Kenan Thompson’s LaVar Ball Is ‘Black Trump’ (Video)

Blowhard’s Big Baller Brand sneakers will “keep your willy hard as glass,” among other boasts

LaVar Ball is mighty full of himself, which makes the caricature of a man a perfect character for “SNL’s” “Weekend Update.”

On Thursday’s “Summer Edition” of the fake news program (not to be confused with a “fake-news” program), the father of Lonzo Ball boasted about his impressive attributes and abilities.

“I am 8-feet-tall, I can jump 20-feet-high,” Kenan Thompson’s LaVar Ball told host Colin Jost. “I once jumped over a Super Target. This past Thanksgiving, I ate 100 turkeys.”

He then broke out the new $495 Big Baller Brand sneakers, which are apparently “made out of South-African rhinosocerous horn.”

“They help you run faster, jump higher, and keep your willy hard as glass,” Thompson said.

Per faux-LaVar Ball, the kicks will also hand his NBA rookie son the regular season MVP Award, Finals MVP, an ESPY, a Grammy, a Purple Heart, and even Best Truck in his class from J.D. Power and Associates. Those empty guarantees led Jost to dub LaVar Ball “Black Trump.”

Watch the video above.