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‘The West Wing’s’ Toby Ziegler Unpacks the Debt Ceiling Crisis (Video)

It’s both routine and the end of the world — lesson learned

Having trouble wrapping your head around the debt ceiling crisis?

Well sit back and let “The West Wing”s’ Toby Ziegler explain it all to you.

This flirting with national default insanity may seem like a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s been around long enough to have played a featured role in a 2005 episode of the iconic inside the Beltway series.

In this clip, helpfully unearthed by the Guardian, a member of the president’s press team asks the assembled staffers, “So this debt ceiling debate is routine or the end of the world?”

To which the wonky Ziegler replied, “Both.”

We feel ya Tobes, we feel ya.