What Is a Libertarian? Fox Business Host John Stossel Explains Ahead of Gary Johnson Town Hall

“Democrats want to micromanage your work life, your speech. Republicans want to micromanage other countries and your bedroom. Libertarians want them to butt out of both,” Stossel says

John Stossel and Gary Johnson

John Stossel will host a Libertarian town hall with third party presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his vice presidential running mate William Weld on Fox Business Network Friday, and the TV veteran wants Americans to understand what the party represents.

Stossel, a Libertarian himself, describes his party as people who believe Americans “should be allowed to do anything that is peaceful.”

“The founders had similar beliefs and that’s what helped America go from poverty to the most prosperous nation on earth,” Stossel told TheWrap. “Limited government, they talked about. We’ve gone way beyond limited government.”

The town hall will focus on the major differences between the Libertarian, Republican and Democratic platforms, as well as on economic, social and defense issues. Stossel said Libertarians feel people should be able to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt other people.

“Libertarians are cool with laws against rape, murder, robbery and environmental rules… but Libertarians believe governments should be doing a fraction of what it’s doing now,” Stossel said before explaining it would get worse under Hillary Clinton, adding “who knows” what would happen under Donald Trump.

“Democrats want to micromanage your work life, your speech. Republicans want to micromanage other countries and your bedroom,” Stossel said. “Libertarians want them to butt out of both.”

Stossel realizes that the Libertarian candidate Johnson is a long shot to win November’s election, which is especially disappointing considering so many voters dislike Clinton and Trump. However, he doesn’t feel a Johnson loss spells the end of the party.

“It’s certainly a good argument [that the party is doomed if it can’t beat Clinton and Trump]… but I don’t think one election proves anything,” Stossel said before explaining that undecided voters could realize they prefer Johnson if they watch the town hall.

“Most Americans don’t know who he is and that’s a big part of the problem for Libertarians trying to win election,” Stossel said. “Some [viewers] will say, ‘Hey, this guy is better than Hillary or Trump.’”

The town hall event will take place in front of a studio audience comprised of a cross-section of voters, who will join Stossel in posing questions to the candidates. In addition, Stossel will incorporate topics proposed through social media and from FBN reporters based in Times Square and Union Square in Manhattan interviewing people on the street.

“Stossel: Libertarian Town Hall” airs Friday night at 9 p.m. ET.