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What NBC Gave Up in Ad Pricing for Leno

A hard look at the drop in rates for network’s prime-time experiment.

Nothing may illustrate the risk inherent in NBC’s much-scrutinized launch of "The Jay Leno Show" better than a hard look at the drop in ad prices the General Electric network managed to get in the program’s time slot this season.

A 30-second spot in "Jay Leno" costs between an average of $48,803 (Friday nights) and $65,678 (Tuesday nights), according to Advertising Age’s annual survey of ad prices for the broadcast networks’ prime-time shows, negotiated during the upfront TV market. In contrast, NBC was able to secure ad prices of between $78,000 (for "Lipstick Jungle") and $146,679 for programs that aired in its 10 p.m. slot Monday through Friday in the 2008-2009 programming season.

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