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What’s the Autumnal Equinox? Jimmy Kimmel Proves Nobody Really Knows – But They’re Scared of It (Video)

The late-night comedian’s camera crew asks pedestrians, ”Are you and your family prepared for a 5.5 magnitude equinox?“

If you don’t know what an autumnal equinox is and you think it sounds like a scary natural disaster, Jimmy Kimmel proved you’re not alone.

The late-night comedian devoted his latest “Lie Witness News” segment to the celestial event on Wednesday night, but was kind enough to explain what it is to his viewers and audience members before showing the video so they could all be in on the joke.

“The autumnal equinox is when the equator passes the center of the sun resulting in equal amounts of day and night for both hemispheres,” Kimmel said.

Then it was off to Hollywood Blvd., where pedestrians weighed in on whether or not they were prepared for a “5.5 magnitude equinox that will hit us today,” and how they intend to stay safe.

One man mistook the term “equinox” for an “earthquake,” and suggested building underground tunnels and shelters to stay safe, as well as staying away from windows to avoid broken glass.

Another believed a way to stay safe is for congress to educate more people about the event — something the interviewee obviously could’ve benefitted from, too.

Watch the video.