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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Makes Dopey Mistake During Seven Dwarfs Puzzle (Video)

No, ”Sneeky“ was NOT one of Snow White’s height-challenged companions

We bet there’s one “Wheel of Fortune” contestant who’s feeling a bit grumpy right about now. And probably a bit bashful.

A recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune” handed a painful loss to one player, who brought herself to the edge of victory before crashing and burning spectacularly.

The puzzle, under the category “Characters,” listed the Seven Dwarfs from the classic children’s story Snow White. But apparently it wasn’t classic enough for the contestant, who brought herself within tasting distance of a win before sabotaging herself with her own tongue.

As she rattled off the list, the contestant stumbled on the sixth name, blurting out something that sounded like “Sneaky.” Which, unfortunately for her, is not one of the Seven Dwarfs. And also not spelled with two “e”s.

That left the next contestant to swoop in and snatch the prize. Which, given that the puzzle was already about 95 percent solved, was a somewhat sneeky path to victory.

Watch the fail in the video.

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