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Why ‘How to Get Away With Murder’s’ Matt McGorry Is Your Feminist Dream Come True (Video)

” I ended up watching Emma Watson’s UN speech and crying during it,” the actor tells TheWrap. ”I spent a lot of the day sort of crying, but in a wonderful way I feel really passionate about this.“

“How to Get Away With Murder” star Matt McGorry plays a certified bro on the hit ABC series, but the actor is developing a passion for gender equality in his personal life.

McGorry won hearts and social media impressions in early March when he sang praises of Sheryl Sandberg’s modern feminist tome “Lean In,” and in a recent chat with TheWrap where he discussed long-term goals to understand equality among the sexes –and how Hollywood activist Emma Watson brought him to tears.

“I had a really amazing and powerful day a couple weeks ago, where I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book ‘Lean In’ for a Cosmo article I did. I think it opened my eyes to a lot of things I took for granted or didn’t quite realize were going on,” McGorry said at last weekend’s GLAAD Media Awards, who also stars on Netflix’s “Orange is The New Black.”

“From there I ended up watching Emma Watson’s UN speech and crying during it. This was on International women’s day and she did a big Q&A with Facebook — I spent a lot of the day sort of crying, but in a wonderful way… I feel really passionate about this,” he said.  “It’s something ive been trying to continue to support now, on social media.”

The internet supported him write back. “Matt McGorry Boldy Declares He’s a Feminist, Becomes Instantly Hotter,” declared Cosmopolitan.com. “Handsome, talented and feminist? Excuse us while we go lie down,”said the Huffington Post.

Moving forward, McGorry aims to “shake people’s definition up of feminism. It’s a very simple word but a lot of people misunderstand.”

An affinity for strong women wouldn’t surprise us, in Matt’s case: he works for Shonda Rhimes, executive producer on “Murder,” and “Orange” creator and showrunner Jenji Kohan.

“They’re both fantastic shows that I would’ve loved to be a part of, and then the fact that they’re helping make a difference, it’s really incredible,” he said.

McGorry recommended Samberg’s “Lean In” and the “He For She” campaign as resources to learn more about gender equality. Or for some decent ice breakers the next time you run into him.