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Why Peyton Manning, Arya Stark and Roger Federer Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

Here are the week’s most emotionally reacted-to TV personalities

TheWrap has partnered with Canvs, the emotion analytics company, for a weekly look at some of the characters and personalities that have TV viewers the most worked up on social media. The data below covers July 12-18 and is drawn from the most emotionally reacted-to television shows, including broadcast, cable, streaming and PPV.

A retired quarterback, a young warrior for the North and a tennis legend had viewers talking passionately on social media over the past week.

The most reacted-to program in the last week was the 25th ESPYS (broadcast on ABC and also livestreamed), with 217,820 Emotional Reactions (ERs). Host Peyton Manning was the most mentioned person during the evening, appearing in almost a third of all ERs. He had many viewers in stitches with his opening monologue, and his crack about Kevin Durant had people laughing in particular, especially given Durant’s stone-faced reaction.

HBO’s stalwart “Game of Thrones” returned for its seventh season on Sunday with a hotly discussed premiere that received 172,006 ERs. Arya Stark was the most-mentioned character thanks to an exciting opening scene (spoiler alert!) where she took revenge on the people that killed some of her family during the Red Wedding. Shocked (but pleased), viewers furiously typed out messages of support and love for the young Stark warrior, who’s been a long-standing fan favorite.

The men’s final of the 2017 Wimbledon Championship had 54,332 ERs, with (as you’d expect) winner Roger Federer being the most discussed. This is Federer’s eighth Wimbledon title, and many fans sent congratulatory messages, with more than a few declaring him the G.O.A.T. (“greatest of all time”). Of course, there will always be a few haters in the crowd, and they made themselves known on social media.