Rudy Giuliani Explains Why He’s Voting for Donald Trump, But Not Endorsing Him (Video)

“When I endorse somebody, I join their campaign,” former NYC mayor says

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani explained on CNN’s “New Day” why he’s voting for Donald Trump, but still won’t offer an official endorsement.

“When I endorse somebody, I join their campaign. I join their campaign staff, their campaign staff sends me out to do speeches and to do things like that,” Giuliani said. “Donald is a very, very good friend. I believe he’d be the best candidate. I think he’d be the person I would like to see win. I don’t know his campaign staff.  I don’t know who they are.”

Giuliani told Chris Cuomo that he is “voting for Donald Trump” and “urging other people to vote for Donald Trump.” However, he won’t be joining the campaign anytime soon.

Cuomo went on to ask about concerns he has for Trump’s status as the GOP frontrunner.

“I mean, I agree with Donald probably on 8 out of 10 positions, which is good enough for me,” he said.  “That’s what I agreed with Ronald Reagan on, he was my hero.  But I have a couple of concerns on immigration. There are things I’d have to talk out first before I would go as far as an endorsement.”

Watch the interview above.