Will Charlie Sheen Go the Conan O’Brien Route? (Video)

Could Sheen follow Conan out on the road for a post-show national tour?

When Conan O'Brien exited the "Tonight Show," he took his talents on the road with the "Legally Prohibited From Appearing on Television Tour" — and Charlie Sheen may try to copy his idea.

The actor's widely reported visit to Live Nation's offices on Monday — which included standing on the building's roof with a sword and a bottle labeled "tiger blood" — was to discuss the possibility of a live theatrical run, Radar reported.

It's uncertain what the show would be. O'Brien filled his time with jokes, skits, his menagerie of perverse animal characters, special guests, and songs. He proved to be a solid guitar player and singer.

Sheen, however, isn't known for his skills as a live performer, as viewers of his recent "Sheen's Korner" videos can attest.

Sheen would also sell merchandise, including a "Winning" T-shirt, according to Radar.

“I need to gobble up all these f—in’ posers and bootleggers and make them go away. Then we’re gonna deliver the real f—in’ t-shirts and mugs and hats,” he told the site.

Watch Sheen and O'Brien in more innocent times: