Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon Spoof ‘Days of Our Lives’ in Quarantine Zoom Skit (Video)

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Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig paid a virtual visit to Jimmy Fallon on last night’s “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition,” and the three of them decided to have some fun on Zoom acting out a dramatic scene from the social-distanced, quarantined-version of one of daytime TV’s most popular soaps: “The Longest Days of Our Lives.”

The scene opens up with Fallon in a blonde wig playing a man named Winston, and Wiig playing his cheating wife Vanessa.

“Winston, I’ve cheated on you!” she says, as ominous music crescendoes in the background.

“How could you?!” Fallon gasps. “I mean, how could you? We’re all social distancing in quarantine. Was it through Skype or something?”

Turns out it was through Skype, with his brother — but not the brother he thinks.

“It was… another brother,” Wiig says with her characteristic chin wiggle and more ominous music.

Enter Ferrell, who plays all three of Winston’s brothers by switching back and forth between a fake mustache, no mustache, and a cowboy outfit.

Turns out — plot twist! — Winston and Alejandro had two long-lost evil twin brothers, Montgomery and Fontaine. Montgomery seems to have grown up in Britain and Fontaine seems to have spent most of his life in the wild west.

Cut to everyone slapping each other, which would be a classic soap opera move if they weren’t all in different Zoom windows.

Then fistfuls of other crazy details are thrown into the mix — there’s a family toilet paper fortune, Winston has amnesia due to a mysterious canoeing accident, and it turns out, Vanessa’s estranged mother is Melinda Charmin, heiress to the Charmin toilet paper fortune. And somehow she’s “the daughter of… all of you?”

Everyone gasps. And just like that we’re left on a cliffhanger — until the next installment of “The Longest Days of Our Lives.”

Of course, Wiig is no stranger to soap opera spoofs; she appeared as Karina in the long-running “SNL” sketch “The Californians.”

Watch the video above.