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Will Ferrell Does NOT Want to Talk About the Parrot on His Shoulder (Video)

The ”Get Hard“ star and friend Professor Feathers stop by ”Conan“ just to get badgered and offended

Yes, Will Ferrell has a parrot on his shoulder, and no, he is not happy to talk about it.

The “Get Hard” star guested on Conan O’Brien‘s TBS show Thursday, complete with a big, beautiful white bird perched on his blazer. The only problem was that Ferrell absolutely, positively did NOT want to talk about his fowl friend.

“You know Conan, here’s the deal: I’m happy to come on your show, I’m happy to talk about the movie — ‘Get Hard’ — I’m happy to talk about anything,” Ferrell deadpanned. “But I don’t want to talk about my personal life, OK?”

“So, we’re not going to discuss the bird on my shoulder,” he sternly added.

“I’m not angry at all, but there’s no reason at all to bring Professor Feathers into the conversation,” Ferrell continued, when pushed. “It’s not relevant to anything, OK?”

The audience ate up the faux tension. Close-ups of the cute bird certainly didn’t hurt either.

Unfortunately for the comedic actor, his “Conan” appearance (as well as other late-night guest spots from his whirlwind “Get Hard” publicity tour) is being deemed funnier than his new film, which has been beaten up by critics and even called offensive.

Watch the video:

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