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Will 'Survivor' Lose Some Eye Candy?

Plus, a threat: "Ben's out of here if we lose another challenge."

Day 7 begins with Jaison threatening, “Ben’s out of here if we lose another challenge.” Russell brags that he’s the only one playing the game. He thinks he has the worst group in history. Which may be true given that he’s still there.

Ben is the only one who can make fire, even with flint. He brags about it being about technique and strength, and then tells the girls that they shouldn’t even try. “I don’t mean to sound chauvinistic,” he says. Worse, he utters the season’s first massive overshare about having the biggest poop of his life. I’m actually hating Ben more than Russell right now.

Over at Galu, they’ve got a yoga session going on and life is good. Or is it? Shambo comes in and says, “Are you frickin' kidding me?” She’s not impressed with the “90210 crowd.”

Back at Foa Foa, Russell says he wants to keep Ben. Russell thinks he has the ability to plant a “Russell seed” in all the minds of each tribe member. “It is shocking that they trust me,” he says. Yes, Russell, shocking it is.

Galu gets new bathing suits, and the tribe is ecstatic over the new duds. The young women look great. Shambo? Not so much.

Time for another immunity/reward challenge, and it’s going to get physical. Oooh, chicks wrestling, and lots of network blurring going on. Ben is useless in the physical aspect of the challenge. Did one of the girls actually use splashing as a defense? Yup, and it works.

Wow. This challenge is going on wayyyy too long. But I’ve decided this is the best looking group of contestants they’ve ever had.

Galu, again, for the third straight time, wins immunity and reward. The Galu Russell (there are two Russells) chooses comfort over function and they get blankets, towels and pillows. “Danger Dave” isn’t happy with Russell’s decision. Shambo is chosen to observe the goings on at Foa Foa. Before commercial, Ben says that Ashley is going home.

Did Shambo just say “What’s up, brother?” to Jaison? Foa Foa likes her, though. She obviously likes Ben and calls him beefcake. She’s really got to give up calling her tribe 90210, however. She gets a clue to the immunity Idol that Russell has already found “with his brilliant brain.”

Back at Galu, Russell defends his decision to take the comfort by saying he did it for the women.

At Foa Foa, Jaison wants to give an ultimatum that he’ll leave if Ben doesn’t. Eye Candy Ashley is up on the chopping block, which sucks. Mick tries to get Russell to vote out Ben, but Russell shows Mick the immunity idol to get him on his side so that he’ll vote for Ashley.

Damn you, Russell. Don’t take away the eye candy!

Shambo is helping Foa Foa and is bringing good energy to camp. Jaison is trying to convince Mick and Russell that Ben should go, and is doing a good job of selling it. You go, Jaison. Time for tribal …

The tribe tells Jeff how much they love Shambo. Jeff asks Ben whom he’s going to vote out, and he says Ashley. Jaison speaks his mind about Ben, Ben tries to defend himself and Jaison wins the verbal sparring match that surprisingly didn’t turn physical.


The fighting continues over Ben’s treatment of Yasmine. Oh no, now Jaison brings up racial history. Jeff breaks the tension and shifts the spotlight onto Ashley. And … it’s time to vote.

Eye Candy Ashley is voting Ben. Ben is voting Ashley. They’re not showing Jaison’s vote, which is odd.

YAAAAAYYYYYY! Ben is gone. My wife and I cheer. See ya, sucka.


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