Wil Wheaton to Host ‘Talk Soup for Geeks’ Style Show on Syfy

The actor says the series will premiere on May 27

Wil Wheaton is back in business with Syfy.

The “Eureka” alum will host a new series, tentatively titled “The Wil Wheaton Project,” which will premiere May 27 at 10 p.m. on Syfy, the actor said on his blog Wednesday.

The 12-episode series, which “Star Trek: The Next Generation” favorite Wheaton characterized as “sort of like ‘Talk Soup’ for geeks,” will be “a weekly roundup of the things I love on television and on the internet, with commentary and jokes, and the occasional visit from interesting people who make those things happen,” the actor said.

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The series will have “a heavy focus on those hilariously bad paranormal reality shows,” Wheaton added.

According to Wheaton, the new series is part of a bigger plan by the network to return “to its science fiction roots.”

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“I really love that I get to be part of something that brings Science Fiction back to Syfy, and if I read correctly between the lines during our meetings with the Syfy executives, this is just the beginning of the network formerly known as Sci-Fi returning to its science fiction roots, which is awesome,” Wheaton wrote.