‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ EP on Show’s ‘Grating’ App Alert Sound: ‘Perhaps Still a Work in Progress’

TCA 2017: “Or perhaps not,” Ted Humphrey quickly adds — so get used to it just in case, Jeremy Piven fans

Eventual “Wisdom of the Crowd” viewers may get a different Sophie app notification sound than TV critics had to hear throughout the pilot, showrunner Ted Humphrey said on Tuesday.

“It’s perhaps still a work in progress,” he said this afternoon from CBS’ Radford lot when asked about the repetitive smartphone noise, eliciting laughter from his audience of entertainment reporters.

Humphrey then quickly added, “Or perhaps not.”

“I can’t say I have an answer for exactly what I wanted it to sound like,” the “Good Wife” alum expanded on the original theme of one writer’s question. “Other than it must be distinctive, it must … cut through the mix of the show.”

“We will hear it in different ways throughout the show,” Humphrey said. “Also there will be different alert sounds you will hear, much as Twitter or any other app that you use has different noises.”

“It’s grating,” the writer-producer admitted after a self-imposed beat.

“Wisdom of the Crowd premieres Sunday, Oct. 1 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.